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#1--Let me preface this note with this:  I AM very grateful for being alive. Being able to work, talk, take care of myself.  Yes, I have many body things going on at once. Nevertheless, I feel (relatively) very lucky.

  So, I suppose I should look at my last post.  On 26 March 18 (sorry, I work military again...) I passed 6-7 large, bloody-looking (burgundy) stools.  ''Large'' as in amount.  Always ribbony.. always and forever; except once-in-a great-while.  The toilet water turned burgundy/wine colored (for nurses here, it looked like urine after a TURP--in the old days anyway.)  A bit the following day and a couple days after that.  None as much as that first day.

  Freaked me out. On the other hand, I was trying to dissect what might cause this color??  I did buy fresh beets and eat a few slices. Like, TWO.  Would THAT do it?  Only two slices???!   I did have pain as well . . .I have also been having a lot of liquidy ''stuff'' over the past several months... That freaks me out because I had mucous prior to Dx.  this isn't mucous per se', still.  I HAVE been experiencing a LOT of hyperactivity in the bowel. A LOT, the past few months.  Been wondering what that is about. Makes me nervous 'cause you know that my ENTIRE F------g life revolves around NOT having a BM mess!

   Anyway, went to VA ER per RN's request, to check CBC and anything else they might do. (he was hoping for a CT to r/o Colitis-which I didn't think it was because I didn't have cramping pain. Just butt pain. Anyhoo... CBC was low normal. On the cusp. Good. . . lower than it has been in a few years, but, okay. Doc did an anoscope (which GI hadn't done for a couple of years. Last visit was 2016, I think.)  That looked 'okay.''  Made appt. with GI Clinic which is tomorrow, Wednesday.  . . .

  So, my fear is: 1)  Nawww... not return of cancer. Perhaps an ulcer.  2) What if the color was from the damn BEETS???  How very embarrassing that would be!  But, I've eaten them in the past without turning toilet water red!   Oh, BTW, I ate another couple slices--I can tolerate beets only so much--last Saturday. Kinda/sorta experimenting. Two slices (large beet) max.   Sunday, I had two bloody stools.   . . Today--or yesterday, I had a bit of red in stool.  No beets since last weekend... 

  So, anyone care to chime in??

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Hi Carol , I think the anascope is really good news....I would put my focus on other options. Don’t even think about the c word. Food plays a big role in my life now and my BM’s...coffee can really agitate me for example. I’ve had beets and for me they can change the color of my stool as do a significant amount of carrots when I drink raw juices. I wish I had more ideas or suggestions, just wanted you to know you’re not alone. Thinking good thoughts for you and that this gets resolved soon 🤗.
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It could be something you are eating that is not agreeing with your system. It is good that you are going to be seeing the GI doctor. Big hugs for good news.
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Years and years ago, I had burgundy stripes in my bm. No blood in the stool water. I had a colonoscopy and they found a large polyp...which wasn't cancerous. However, it was large enough they apologized for how long the surgery took.

I could feel pain as stool passed by that area. From what I read, there wasn't supposed to be cramping pain because in that area, one can't feel pain.

I hadn't been diagnosed with anal cancer yet...that came 20 years later.

Strange you should post today. I have been having firm stools (unusual for me) and had a tinge of blood in the stool today.

Good Luck. Keep us posted.
One year later.... How are you doing???
I’ve noticed that beets do that, and if you look online you’ll see many accounts of it. So maybe don’t worry too much, and just stay in touch with your docs.
Hi Carol - how scary! I have also been having mucous visitors lately. I attribute mine to stress. The other day I had bright red blood with my painful BM. I would have freaked out (and kind of did) but I had just seen my CR doc less than 3 weeks prior for DRE and anascope which he said NED, but saw a small hemorrhoid. I never have had hemorrhoid before only falsely diagnosed with one (my anal cancer tumor) for 2 years! It is so frightening and yet we are almost 7 years out! I don't think it is a reoccurrence, but keep pursuing. I love beets and drink enough red wine that I never worry about reddish pooh :) Keep us posted. Love ya!
That is a mystery, indeed. Like Rick stated, I am wondering if this is something from higher up in your GI tract. I hate to suggest the C-word--no, NOT cancer--colonoscopy. Sometimes you just have to go further up for answers. I would definitely lay off the beets for awhile and see what happens. Let us know what the GI doc says today. I hope all is well.
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Like you, my life revolves around avoiding accidents, especially in public places. The other day I thought I'd had one and found I had passed a big ol' blood clot. Had some bleeding on and off that month, which I optimistically will attribute to having had the flu and taking too much Advil. I think our systems are royally screwed up, but I think Martha is right...time for a colonoscopy for you.
If you stop the beets and it stops just sayiin leave the beets to Gloria Estefan
Hi Carol. Just wondering how the GI visit went and if you got any answers? I hope things are getting better.
Carol, any update? I am just catching up after a trip and hope that you have some answers! My own experience is that you get better...and better..but you are never entirely free of that "weird event." During this trip I was coming out the door of the hotel and suddenly realized that I had not just passed gas...back to the room to change clothes..No reason whatsoever for this "attack."

Hope you have some answers from the GI Clinic...
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