Lots going on....

WTF???  For anyone interested, my post is down yonder...and I don't know how to get it to where it belongs... Alas . .🌷😢😎💨💕

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Ya, I guess. That was quick.
Love and hugs
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My editorial disappeared into Cyberspace.
I hope everything's okay!
Read on. Wrong spot.
So much has been going on. My dad had a NASTY paroti tumor (SCC.. Metastatic) removed from the left side of his neck, three weeks ago. Correction: One month ago, Feb. 5th. I flew up to OrEgon for two weeks. He is doing fairly welk for 89.5! Big problems with his voice/speech, but it IS, slowly, improving.
I told him to tell people he had a face lift. Hahaha!! I will TRY to share pics--for learning purposes!!
I fly up to the NW again, manana. This time, to play dog vet to my daugjter's Husky, who is, now, insulin dependent.
My daughter and son-in-law are taking my dad to Hawaii, for his 90th birthday!! They talked of canceling, when said dog was started on insulin about 5 mos. ago (she has CA too. She is 11.
For ME... I want to cut my left wrist off. No, not carpal tunnel. "Ice pick in bone" is what I think.. Had many years. The last steroid injection, a few mos. ago, wore off BIG TIME, while I was in Oregon.
Cancer "survivor"-wise, I have the same "new (forever) normal" of being controlled by my gut. I can't complain too much though, 'cause here I am!!
I have lost sensation in my anal sphincter; for a couple of years now.. I think I mentioned that previously?
My 3-year Colonoscopy is due this summer. If ya don't remember, to my long-time compadres here, a sigmoid polyp was

removed (by dickhead..sorry. He was)
I haven't had an anoscope for ..since I was still living in WA. 50/50 on the "wish I did/glad I didn't, on that.
So, this is a synopsis. So much more.... That is life, eh? It keeps us on our toes. I try to keep up on y'all. Love you all.
Carol P.
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ha ha, a good chuckle.
I hope you aren't going to the same CR for the colonoscopy. There are good ones out there; I have 2 female docs THE BEST!!
Got rid of the jerk first guy, but I'm forever thankful he saved my life.
Congratulations on 7 years!
You are a wonderful daughter!!
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Hi Carol! As they say "as the worm turns." So sorry to hear about your dad's health issues. It's good to know that he is doing well in his recovery. I'm sure the trip to Hawaii will help! Sorry you are in such pain with your wrist. Controlled by our guts, yup, for sure. I am going to be pressed by my CR doc for a colonoscopy in September. Too bad you and I don't live in the same area--perhaps we could get a group rate. lol! Even better if all of us in this BFAC group could get them at the same time and have a big Gatorade/Miralax party, then an "after" party, just like at the Oscars. LOL!

Okay, I'm out of humorous things to say, so I will just say I wish your dad all the best and, as always, I wish all the best for you too. Thanks for the update and please keep in touch! Hugs!
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What on God's Green Earth??? Where is my dissertation???
....I ain't writin' it over. Next time. Love and hugs to all!!
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Good to hear from you, Carol! Hope your dad has a great time in Hawaii. :)
Always love to hear from you! Sorry about your dad. Hope he gets better soon. 7 years! YAY - take care of yourself :)
At this point just sending you hugs!
Hi Carol, sorry about your Dad's illness, though he sounds like a strong guy. Hope you are doing well.
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