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Updated: 06/02/2020--I am 57 y/o female. 05/09/2020 was my 9 year Cancerversary!!! I am blessed-especially, when I learn that we lost another Warrior (Patty, 2019) who was Stage II anal cancer, as was I. What was different? I had surgery (that is how my cancer was found. Also, I just reread her profile. No Mitomycin was listed, only 5fu. Standard of Tx,in 2011, when I was treated, was 5fu WITH Mitomycin. I researched. EVERYWHERE! Was it different just one year earlier? While I don't visit here a lot anymore, I have NOT forgotten any of you, my dear friends...even the new members, whom I don't "know." I pray regularly, for all of you (Jill too, of course! Without Jill, where would we all go??❤). For you who don't believe in God, I send you my positive Karma waves.😙... Living with "new normal these past several years, and so grateful to ." Love you all. Carol...P.S. I updated my picture! There is my update.** Updated 12/13/2015--- I am now 4.5 years post Dx and Tx. The following information was the beginning of my cancer journey. Currently, I am NED. I do have side effects from the chemotherapy and pelvic radiation. My thyroid got messed up, but I am on Rx, and doing fine in THAT dept. I have lung nodules on in both lungs--<10mm, which are usually benign. Mine are, so far. And, pelvic weakness. Not ALL the time, but REGULARLY RANDOM... LIke, I lose strength and can hardly stand up. Once I am ''up'', I am okay. It takes several minutes though. I have Neuropathy in my feet-especially the left, and I have poop accidents. As with many here on BFAC who had Anal or Anal/Rectal Cancer, we FEAR FARTS!! ..... 'cause we might get a surprise, and that is awful..... This all said, I am alive, working, relatively healthy. And, GRATEFUL! *** MY BEGINNING WITH CANCER: I had had sero-sanguinous-type drainage months ago. Then, smelled first, blood in the stool. Then started to have fairly large amounts of blood. Hoped it was a hemorrhoid gone awry. I was paying lots of medical/dental bills for myself and one son at the time, and didn't want another dr. bill. Finally, I decided to LOOK at a skin (tag) I'd been feeling for months. It was UGLY. I called the doctor the next day (I also had increasing difficulty having a BM) I had surgery for an anal fissure on 02/17/11. A tumor was biopsied and found to have squamous cell carcinoma. I found out yesterday. Plan is to see an Oncologist and start chemo/radiation. I am a nurse, so I've seen the end-stage (no pun) of rectal cancers, etc. ANYWAY, I am researching as much as possible and discovered this blog. I will pray for all of you. The cost of this makes me ill, but my kids want me to try treatment. I don't know the stage yet.

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February 24, 2011

Sierra Vista, Arizona

July 20, 1962

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

squamous cell carcinoma of the anus

February 23, 2011

Stage 2

2.1 - 3.0 cm





Difficulty going to the bathroom; telling my kids. Worrying about how to pay for tx. Seeing all the young people here. Chronic stool incontinence..which keeps me from participating in certain exercises and, definately, avoiding group outings.

REALLY be a support for others/fight for my kids

Prayer, listen, feedback.

Orange Juice! (I craved it); steak; homemade vanilla pudding.

Patience, an ear, chocolate . . .

Western Washington Oncology 2011-2012. Switched to VA in 2013, to save $$.

If you have a choice, get a port. Exercise through treatment, if possible. It helps.

Take every day head on. Prayer, whatever, too.

May 19, 2011

October, 2011

No, as of 09/24/2017. However, a sigmoid polyp--1st one, was discovered and removed 06/2015.

Chronological order: Blood-tinged drainage for months, then heavy bleeding with BMs-which I "hoped", for months, would go away. A hard skin tag, change in stool appearance, increased difficulty defecating. PAIN!

I give to various charities: St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald house,cancer charities; multiple fund-raisers. I am too tired and lazy to organize a fund-raiser. Mostly, my emotions are shot. Gone. Just...gone.


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