Me with oldest son and daughter-in-law

Me with oldest son and daughter-in-law
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So, Here is my son who is going to have his 3rd brain surgery in six months. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to turn this?! How embarrassing! I've tried to edit, delete, etc. No luck. What a dufus I feel like!
I think the site automatically orients the picture and you don't get an option to rotate! Fortunately, my head does... WHen is the next surgery? Sending him healing hugs...
 not to worry it is a great picture and we can turn our heads sideways;)
 OPPPS I pushed the btton to fast! I will be praying that everything goes good for your son!
I wish your son the very best with the surgery and will keep all of you in my prayers.
We can turn our heads! Great pic.
Beautiful photo. I just tilt to the left, no need to waste time becoming a techie.
You look greatCarol and have a beautiful family!:)))
Fantastic photo carol. Hope all goes well for your son. There should be an arrow at the bottom of the jpeg screen letting you rotate it. Mayday x
Lovely. So glad you got to have this great time together and share it with us.
Looking good!
I fixed it for you. There is no way to change the image once you upload it. You would need to change the image before you upload it. Either in iphoto or photoshop, etc. I will being able to rotate photos to the wish list. xoxox, Jill
wow - you look great. All the smiles and happiness - much deserved!
Wonderful photo! Praying all goes well!!
Great pic! Good luck to your son! d xoxo
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